Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Exciting Email Today! I Won!! DOUBLE!

Today I got an exciting email from Janine Blackwelder who is on the StampingScrapping Design Team! She informed me that I am the winner of the "Woodware USA Meets StampingScrapping.com" Blog Hop that was held last week...April 27 through May 1. They looked at all the comments that everyone left and somehow picked me! So I won a prize...can't wait to see the goodies! Is that exciting or what! (There's more!)

But that's not all! I got another message from Karen Stark (also on the StampingScrapping Design Team) that I won her handmade flowers!! I went to her blog again to look at some of her flowers...they are just lovely!! (I "borrowed" the little picture above to show you!)
I feel a little guilty winning both prizes...but I promise I will put everything to good use! So I want to say Thank You again to all three prize-givers!! I feel so blessed!

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Fran said...

Good for you Sandie. Don't feel like a piggie just feel very lucky. Have fun with your prizes. Hugs, Fran