Monday, December 19, 2011

The SMASH Books Are Done!

FINALLY! I got all four of the Smash books that I am giving my four daughters for Christmas done! I took lots of pictures of what I used and the finished pages. Hope you enjoy seeing my huge accomplishment!
First up is a picture of all the "stuff" I collected to add to the books:
 Here is a list of some of the items:
       * printed sticky notes
       * various stickers
       * Smash mini note tabs
       * Smash pads
       * elastic headbands
       * die cut chipboard tags
       * colored paperclips
       * vellum tiny envelopes
       * mini zip-lock plastic bags
       * little calendars
       * colored note cards
       * print cardstock & acct ledger pages
       * die-cut shapes
         Also pictured below: stamps and ink, adhesives
I have a large island in my kitchen so I was able to spread all my stuff out and work on all the books at the same time. I would concentrate on one but when I used a stamp I would try to stamp the same one in all or most of the books.
 Before getting started I die cut some of the lined colored notecards to add to some of the pages that were not lined at all...I know my girls love to write alot! Empty lines on a notecard are encouraging...just waiting to be filled!
I used printed cardstock to make pockets which I added to a few pages and in the front cover of each book. I also made a few clear plastic pockets but they didn't turn out as well. I had the wrong kind of plastic...too slippery I think.
In each book I tucked in a pocket a small zip-lock bag of extra note cards, die cuts, tags, embellishments and the Smash Pad pages.
I will encourage my girls to watch a few You Tube tutorials on the Smash books. I watched some and was totally inspired!
Here are just a few pages that show some stickers and stamps I added as well as the bright flower die cuts.

 The Smash books come with a wonderful variety of 2-sided heavy cardstock pages, beautiful and unusual designs as well as thought provokoing words. I will tell my girls that if there is something they don't care for they can simply cover it with a pictures or note, etc.
 A few more example pages; 2 of the girls have/will have new babies so I was sure to include some baby boy pages! The colored notecards were so easy to use and became nice design elements.
I didn't do anything to the covers of the books. They are already embossed with a really neat design and I wanted to keep them neat and clean, easy to carry and tuck in a book bag or diaper bag or purse, without stuff falling off! And to keep them closed I bought the elastic headbands which fit perfectly...I know Smash has some available in cool colors but these were cheaper...and I AM Dutch!
If anyone has questions about how I did anything in these books just leave a comment and I will get back with you soon!
I'd LOVE to hear what you think of this project anyway!!

I got my Smash books at
as well as a bunch of the other stuff used in these books!


EnblogSail said...

Whoa!!!You so inspires me to create my own book!

Natonya said...

I love your books! I have an orange one I need to get started on. I'm sure they will enjoy them.

cathylynn said...

Wow that was a huge job with lovely results! I'm sure your girls will treasure their books.
Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

EnblogSail said...

Wow!!! Looks fun. You've inspired me to make some:)