Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Month, New Blog!

Yes, I've started another I'm not busy enough already! But I visited someone else's blog a while back and liked it so well I decided to try it myself! The blog I saw was a photo-a-day blog by Larry from Iowa. He is an artist (his wife is too!) and he has a great eye for photographing ordinary things that in their own way are beautiful. If you want to visit his blog click this: or click on his blog listing in my Blog List on my sidebar, Larry's Photo A Day. Besides, he just seems like a really nice guy.
Today I posted my first photo, just one I had in my file from last year. But I will be purposely taking photos for this new blog from now on. Not sure how often I'll post...probably not every day.
The new blog is titled "Picture this: Everyday Beauty". Here is the address:

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