Monday, April 23, 2012

A Fresh New Look for Spring

Yes, you are at the right place...this is still Sandie's Card Garden. I've wanted to try this for some time now, taking a picture of my blog title with embellishments and crafting supplies and "whatever". I wish now that I had made the title and description a bit larger but this will do for now. As you can see, my theme colors are pink and green so that's what I used for the whole blog.

I first printed my title and description on a pink printed paper with flourishes on it. Then I added a few other prints and the die cut border. Some of the items I glued in place but most I just set where I wanted them and took several pictures. I cropped out everything except the exact rectangle I needed. These 2 photos show beyond the edges and a little more close up. I think it turned out "ok" I will probably have another go at it in a few weeks.
What do you think? Let me know how I can improve it...any suggestions are welcome!

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Catherine said...

I think it looks fab.....