Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hello Stephanie! In Person!!

For those of you familiar with online craft store, and Kevin & Cindy Echtinaw, its owners, you may also have heard of Stephanie Hester who is Cindy's design team coordinator for . I have chatted online a bit with Stephanie and we often leave comments on each others' creations but I had never really met her...until yesterday! She is "up" here (from Missouri) visiting Kevin & Cindy for a few days. They stopped at my house to pick up Kevin's birthday card and gift (the usual...fudge) so I could meet Stephanie! What fun to actually meet in person! What a sweet lady! Cindy insisted on a picture AND that I post it. So here it is, but I must admit, every time I see a picture of ME lately, my first thought is, "Who IS that old woman?"  Oh well. I'm healthy, happy and blessed far beyond what I deserve!

Me, Cindy, Steph        "Welcome to Michigan, Stephanie!"

And as long as I'm posting here is Kevin's B-day card too. Cindy had emailed old pictures of Kevin to her group about a month ago letting everyone know this was his 50th b-day. I knew I wanted to use some of them on a card for I did!



Peggysuez said...

Cute! Enjoyed both the photo and the card! said...

Wow I have that many wrinkles LOL....Oh well the big 50 is close for me too....I too am blessed! especially with great friends

Vivi Casale said...

that is a really great picture of the 3 of you together!!
card you made for Kev is really pretty Sandie!! love it!!

cathylynn said...

It's so great to see three wonderful faces with the names we always see. You girls look great! What a reunion! And..... Kevin's card is wonderful!!!! ps I wish I could of been there with you all!!!
Hugs, Cathy-Lynn