Saturday, February 26, 2011

My "fixer-upper" card....I fixed it!

Well, that last card really bugged me. I couldn't leave it alone...had to "fix" it somehow! So I followed some of the suggestions I got from helpful people and...voila! TWO new cards! I realized it was the background color I didn't like so I simply removed it and replaced it with a subtle pastel stripe...not so intense! And I changed the ribbon (as suggested) and like it much better. So what do you think?

However, that slightly used coral colored paper with the polka dot stripe and the peach ribbons all attached I couldn't just throw away....I'm much too Dutch for that! I worked alot longer trying to salvage that. Now its a little more "okay" and I will actually give it to someone! I love the Bible verse I've printed on it...that stamp is a new one I just got from Verve. The green swirls stamp: I didn't write down the brand name but that set can be found at Joanne Fabric.
I don't think I will be using that coral for a card ever again!...well, maybe as an accent color.
So, I hope your Saturday is fun, productive and full of "sunshine"! Its a great day to prepare to go to God's house tomorrow for worship.
P.S. Thanks again for help with my troublesome card, to all of you who commented and made suggestions!


Cindy2 said...

Way better, Sandie, love the coral now, your second card is gorgeous. Your mouse card is wonderful, too. You did a great job.

Lisa T said...

What a great makeover! Both cards are beautiful.

Rene said...

What a great makeover! ;D
Two super cute cards...I especially like the first one!

Billie's Scrappetique said...

Very cute!! I love that purple bow that you added to the first one!

2KutiesGrandma said...

Very nice - great job! Love the bow in the first one.

Peggie said...

A definite improvement. Love the other new card too.

Colorado Crafter said...

Great job!! They are both lovely!! Just made me think, though... I don't think I could take one of my cards apart and still be able to use the parts. I must put them together just a little "too" well. LOL!